Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've spent the past couple of days setting up my Mac for Rails development. I'm still running Tiger, which is problematic (to say the least)... I hear that Leopard is all set up correctly, but I'm stuck for the time being.

I finally gave up on Aptana, which was just screwing up left and right.  ...This means that I need to fall back to my old friend, Vim. 

There's a script for calling gvim from a terminal, but I also wanted to change the color scheme on load (because my terminal is dark-on-light and my .vimrc colors are customized for that).  To accomplish this, add to your .gvimrc:

colorscheme desert

(Or whatever other scheme you care for.)

This was surprisingly difficult to find (why?!?), so... I hope you stumbled on this page before too much extra work.  ; )

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